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Super Compact Twin Spindle Turning Center

The compact, energy saving MW50 is designed for compact line operation, flexibility in manufacturing, versatility and easy setup change. This automated CNC turning center targets parts that are 50 mm (2") x 50 mm (2") and features twin horizontal spindles and twin four-station tool blocks. The MW50 is available with one or two of the proven Muratec high speed 3-axis CNC gantry loaders. Cycle time reductions can be achieved due to the high speed gantry, fast load/unload times (4.5s) and reduced machine idle times.

Optional Configuration: MW50GT, MW50GT-B

MW50 Specifications
Chuck Size Standard Diameter 165 mm
Max Spindle Speed 60 - 6,000 RPM
Spindle Motor 7.5 kW/30 min x 2
Spindle Nose Size Flat Nose
Loader Workpiece Weight: 0.5 kg x 2
Size: 50 mm x 50 mm
Standard Load Time 5.4 seconds
Total Machine Weight 3,400 kg
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