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Shaft Turning Machine

The ML400L is a longer version of Muratec's ML400 shaft turning machine. It allows for the automated turning of shaft parts up to 570mm (22.4") in length and up to 200mm (7.9") in diameter. With twin turrets (upper and lower), cycle time reductions can be realized by pinch turning. The ML400L is available with one or two turrets and with or without the proven Muratec high-speed 3-axis CNC gantry loader.


ML400L Specifications
Parts Size 45 mm x 570 mm
Max Parts Size 200 mm x 570 mm
Min Parts Size 180 mm
Chuck Size 6" - 8"
Spindle Nose JIS A2-6
Spindle Speed 3,000/4,000 RPM
Spindle ID Diameter 63 mm
Spindle Motor 7.5 kW/30 min
11 kW/30 min
Number of Turret Stations 6
Stroke X: 130 mm, Z: 600 mm
Axis Speed X: 20 m/min, Z: 32 m/min
Tool Size OD Tool: 20 mm
ID Tool: 25 mm x 32 mm
Tail Stock Stroke 400 mm
Tail Stock Speed 20 m/min
Type of Tail Stock Center MT No. 4 / MT No. 5
Tail Stock Thrust Horse 380/500 kgf
Chips Discharge Direction Rear
Machine Size 2,140 mm x 2,880 mm x 1,780 mm
Machine Weight 5,500 kg
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