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Twin Spindle CNC Turning Center

A new compact production line with minimum production time capability.


New generation production system suitable for various types and patterns of production requirements.

Muratec has developed the new, compact, energy-saving MD120G to suit various system configurations and customer requirements in flexible line planning with live tool applications. Flexible machine utilization for two identical processes or for first and second operation, three-spindle same operation, four-spindle same operation.

Ideal system to suit various requirements in line planning and work processing patterns.

MD120G Specifications
Chuck Size Standard Diameter 254 mm
Max Spindle Speed 6,000 RPM
Spindle Motor 7.5 kW/30 min
Spindle Nose Size JIS A2-5
Loader Workpiece Weight: 6.0 kg x 2
Size: 200 mm x 120 mm
Standard Load Time 9.0 seconds
Total Machine Weight 5,000 kg
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